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Sporting Venue Solutions

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Elevate Your Venue With Polyurethane Floor Solutions

Elevate your venue to new heights with Action Floors' premium flooring solutions.

From Action Timber sports floors renowned for their playability, shock absorption, and durability, to Herculan seamless sports floors offering a diverse range tailored to your needs, we ensure your space is equipped with the finest timber flooring finishes.

Our expertise extends to maintenance and refurbishment services, including polyurethaning existing timber floors and applying water polyurethane finishes for a hard-wearing, attractive finish.

With a focus on durability, safety considerations, and environmentally friendly practices, our polyurethane coatings stand the test of time in high-traffic areas, offering a long-lasting, low-sheen surface that enhances the natural grain of your timber floors.

Action Timber Sports Floor Image- Tawa C

Action Timber floor systems are known for playability, resiliency, shock absorption, and durability. Our premium maple floor systems are preferred and installed in numerous sports facilities, schools and theatres.

Herculan Seamless Sports Floor Image cop

Herculan has an impressive range of high quality sports floors Herculan polyurethane systems. Therefore, there is always a sports floor that suits your needs in the field of sport, budget and activities

Re-sanding Sports Floor.jpg

Action Floors offer

line marking, re-sanding and polyurethaning existing timbers floors

and re-topping Herculan

MF floors.

Enhance Your Timber Floors with Polyurethane FLOOR Finishes

Enhance the Beauty and Durability of Your Timber Floors with Polyurethane FLOOR Finishes

Achieve an attractive finish and long-lasting durability for your timber floors with our premium polyurethane floor finishes.

Whether you prefer a natural, glossy, or matte appearance, our water-based polyurethane floor options offer exceptional wear resistance, ensuring your floors remain pristine even in high-traffic areas.

With the ability to apply multiple coats, including low sheen or high gloss finishes, our polyurethane floor solutions create depth and seal the surface, protecting against scratches, stains, and moisture for years to come.

Environmentally Friendly Polyurethane floor Solutions for Sustainable Flooring Maintenance

Take care of your floors and the environment with our environmentally friendly polyurethane finishes.

Our water-based polyurethane floor options provide a clear finish that enhances the natural grain of your timber floors while minimizing environmental impact. By choosing our eco-conscious polyurethane floor products, you can achieve a durable, hard-wearing surface with low VOC emissions, ensuring safety considerations for both your space and the planet.

Trust in our range of polyurethane floor coatings for regular maintenance and refurbishment, promoting a sustainable approach to flooring care without compromising on quality or performance.

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