Sporting Venue Solutions

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Action Floors offer line marking,

re-sanding and polyurethaning existing timbers floors and

re-topping Herculan MF floors.


Maintenance and


Line Marking

Action Floors can add line markings to any existing sports floor.


With a selection of colours to choose from, you can customise your floor to suit your preference.

Re - coating Timbers Floors

Re-coating your existing timbers floors is recommended every

8-12 years depending upon usage and maintenance.

Action Floors offers a complete re-sanding and polyurethaning 

service including deep sanding and application of all lines.

Re-sanding Sports Floor.jpg
Re - topping Herculan Floors

Even after many years of use, a Herculan sports floor does not have to be written off. Any hairline cracks and mechanical damages are professionally repaired and the entire floor is covered with a new layer.

The renovation ensures that the Herculan floor looks and behaves like a new floor again. Such a face-lift provides you with the opportunity to give the floor a different colour and/or different line markings.