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Sporting Venue Solutions

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We offer a variety of hard maple floor systems perfect for sports such as basketball, volleyball, and netball. We offer a variety of hard maple floor systems perfect for sports such as basketball, volleyball, and racquetball. We will work with you to identify which systems best match your project specifications and fit your facility and budget requirements.

Action Pro Air WBS

Action Pro Air WBS Floor system is utilizes Action’s recycled rubber pads resulting in a floor system with exceptional playability and performance.

Action Excel NR

Action Excel NR is an innovative design that achieves outstanding playing performance characteristics in a floating floor system.

Pro Action Thrust

ProAction Thrust is well suited to applications where high performance is important and FIBA certification is desired.

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Action Nitro Panel

Action Nitro Panel  offer performance, portability and aesthetics join together perfectly in a portable hardwood sports floor designed for easy, sure-fit set-up and great playability.


Benefits of Our Timber Floor Solutions

Elevate your space with our exceptional timber flooring NZ solutions.

Crafted from Maple hardwood timber, our range guarantees durability and quality.

Enjoy the benefits of our expertly installed timber sports flooring solutions, designed to last.

Our solid timber flooring NZ is meticulously sanded and refinished, ensuring a flawless surface that accentuates the wood's natural beauty. With professional installation techniques such as gluing or sanding, our timber floors seamlessly integrate into your space, offering easy maintenance and long-term durability.

  • 1. How does Action Pro Air WBS flooring system cater to sports facilities' requirements?
    The Action Pro Air WBS flooring system is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of sports facilities, such as basketball, volleyball, and racquetball courts. Utilizing recycled rubber pads, this system offers exceptional playability and performance, ensuring athletes can perform at their best. Its innovative design provides superior shock absorption, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing overall playing experience. Additionally, Action Pro Air WBS flooring system can be customized to fit various project specifications and budget requirements.
  • 2. How does Action Excel NR contribute to the overall playing experience in sports facilities?
    Action Excel NR presents an innovative design tailored for high-performance sports environments. This flooring system achieves outstanding playing characteristics within a floating floor setup. By integrating cutting-edge technology and quality materials, Action Excel NR enhances traction, stability, and shock absorption, thereby elevating the overall playing experience for athletes. Its seamless installation ensures consistency and reliability, meeting the stringent demands of sports venues seeking superior performance flooring solutions.
  • 3. What are the key features of the Action Nitro Panel portable hardwood sports floor?
    The Action Nitro Panel offers a versatile solution for sports facilities requiring performance, portability, and aesthetics. Crafted from hardwood, this portable sports floor combines durability with visual appeal, ensuring a professional playing surface in any setting. Its easy, sure-fit setup facilitates swift assembly and disassembly, making it suitable for temporary sports events or multi-purpose venues. With great playability and a focus on user convenience, the Action Nitro Panel provides a reliable flooring option for sports enthusiasts and facility managers alike.
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